Noonday & AYM Training

Thursday, May 6th at 2PM ET

"The Top 8 Critical Live-Streaming Lessons Learned (Over The Past Year)"

​​​​​​​During The 1 Hour Online Webinar Training, We'll Be Revealing...

 ✔ The 8 Critical Lessons Live-Streaming Has Taught Us In The Past Year
 ✔ A Live-Stream Strategy That Can Reach 5,000 People In 5 Minutes
 ✔ Our Step-By-Step Plan To Move Casual Viewers To Engaged Viewers
 ✔ How To Knock Down The Barriers Of Online Donations & Increase Giving
 ✔ Leveraging Your Church Members To Boost Online Attendance
 ✔ 4 Live-Stream Call-To-Actions That Create Results For Your Church
 ✔ 3 Content Creation Tips To Get Top Exposure For Your Service Recordings
 ✔ How To Move People From Online To In-Person Attendees

 ✔ And So Much More! 


Patrick Doohan Founder & Trainer

--20 Year Online Growth Marketer--
"Let's Use the Power Of Live-Streaming And Internet-Attention To Reach More People For Your Ministry... Growing Your Church Online And In-Person! "

Patrick Will Be Sharing...
✔  How You Can Use Live-Streaming To Identify, Follow-up, And Create Real-Relationships

 ✔  How You Can Have An Effective Broadcast On Almost Any Budget
 ✔  How You Can Boost Attendance (online and in-person) By Using Your Best Digital Communication Channels
 ✔ How And Why You Should Always Have A Back-Up Live-Streaming Plan

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