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Thursday, June 8th at 2pm ET

The Reputation Revolution: Unleashing Your Church's 5-Star Status to Connect with Your Community

We're holding Our First-Ever Church Reputation Online Training, And You're Invited! 

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How many stars does your Church get from your online reviews? 
If you’re getting 5 stars all the time - then you have a huge asset to leverage.  Or if you have less than a 5 star rating - you need to take charge of the ratings fast.  And in both cases you have a chance to reach thousands of people leveraging this proven high-impact reputation strategy. 

Ministry Webinar Event:


"The Reputation Revolution: Unleashing Your Church's 5-Star Status to Connect with Your Community"
Thursday, June 8th at 2PM ET

Did you know that very few people will come across your 5 star reviews UNLESS you put it right in their face? And you can do just that... ensure thousands of people in your town know your excellent reputation.

So if you…

✔️Need more 5 star reviews

✔️Have great 5 star reviews but aren’t sharing them
✔️Don’t know how to promote your 5 star reputation to everyone in your community 

Then… I encourage you to join us at 2pm ET on Thursday.  Click the link below to register!


Let me sum this up very simply...

Fact:  Your Church has a bunch of 5 Star Online Reviews - right? 

Question:  Do most people in your town know about them?  Have they seen them? 

Answer:  Nope

Opportunity:  You have a big opportunity to directly leverage your 5 star reviews and share what’s great about your Church with your entire community. 

Sound good? 

Then please make sure to register for our FIRST EVER - Church Reputation online training. 

Patrick Doohan Founder & Trainer

--20 Year Online Growth Marketer--
"Let's Get Everyone Seeing Our Churches Online... And Let's Take Advantage Of All The High Leverage Platforms Available To Us To Reach More People. "

Patrick Will Be Sharing...
✔  How You Should Focus Your Reputation Efforts To Quickly Leverage Your Reach

 ✔  Why your 5 star reviews are the best secret weapon in your digital communications tool-belt.
 ✔  How the church is in a great position to utilize the reputation it has with the people closest to it

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