Thursday, April 23rd at 2PM ET

 "Grow Your Ministry Online By Inviting Them To Church 100 Times
(Without Driving Them Crazy)"

​During The Training, You'll Learn...

✔ Why Right Now Is The Best Time Ever To Reach People Online. 
✔ How To Get Your Church Ministry Message Out Over and Over Again.
✔ How To Grab Attention on the PC, Laptop, Tablet and SmartPhone. 
✔ How To Invite Those Already Interested In Your Church 100+ Times By Automatically Reminding Them On Social Media, Phone Apps, And The Web!
✔ Why 96% Of People On Your Website Don't Contact You. 
✔ How To Use The Amazon Shopping Strategy To Bring People To Church Online!


And We'll Be Sharing...

 ✔  What people are looking for when they come to your website
 ✔  How to message them over and over again with different perspectives
 ✔  How different people react to different messaging

Hurry Up! Grab One Of Our Limited Seats. 


Patrick Doohan
AdvanceYourMinistry Founder & Trainer

--20 Year Online Growth Marketer--


"Having only one experience with people online is NOT enough!  I'm excited to share how you can un-aggressively message people over 100 times to invite them to Church and Church Online."